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The first white paper was released by none other than Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008, when he released the Bitcoin White Paper and heralded the start of the cryptocurrency era. Ever since, dozens of crypto projects have been releasing their white papers, some stellar, while others faltered at the first sentence, being poorly written and conveying a sense of failure.

The essence of a project is its description, since the word is the first means of communication available to anyone and any project seeking to be heard. As such, having a properly written description of the project is essential for attracting the attention of both investors and average users. Creating a white paper to match the essence of a project is no easy task, since a professional white paper requires not only high quality language, but also the efforts of all members of a crypto project team to bear full meaning.

White paper creation is a meticulous process that takes time and cannot be dumped onto a single writer, hoping that through telepathy he or she will be able to understand the essence of a project that is contained within the minds of its founders. This is where professional white paper writing services come in that are offered either by professional writers, or agencies employing such writers.

What is a White Paper for Business?

A white paper, at heart, is a document that contains exhaustive information about a project, including its purpose, vision and description of the constituents and legal basis, as well as the people behind it. For a business, be it a blockchain white paper, or any other, the purpose of the document is conveying trust and making sure that readers understand what the project is about and believe in the value it can generate.

White paper marketing is part of white paper creation, since it involves the proper distribution and placement of the document to make sure it is visible to the right users and investors. Unfortunately for most, how to write a blockchain white paper is a mystery, which often results in failure.

A white paper for crypto projects is even more vital, since it draws inspiration from the first white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto and must therefore adhere to its spiritual guidance and essence.

How to Write a Blockchain White Paper

A blockchain technology white paper is a special and highly complicated document that must contain a concise series of blocks, each of which bears a special purpose and must be completed with maximum detail. A crypto white paper, if properly executed, must contain the following blocks:

  • Introduction
  • Market Overview
  • Market Problems
  • Solution
  • Executive Summary
  • Product Description
  • Applications
  • Advantages
  • Technical Functionality
  • Platform Economics
  • Monetization Model
  • Marketing Model
  • Roadmap
  • Team Information
  • Legal Information

For a white paper to be taken seriously by investors, each block has to be well-written. That starts with having a proper writer who can properly write the text, understand the essence of what is being written, and convey it in a language that is both grammatically correct and tailored to suit the target audience. White papers filled with typos or improper language will not be taken seriously, since that is a clear sign that the project does not have either the funds or the desire to polish their constituent document and does not respect its readers.

The state of the white paper is oftentimes the veneer of the project. There have been many cases, when a well-written white paper concealed a scam, since its purpose was to convince potential readers of the project’s valuable nature and prospects. The opposite also held true, when the essence of a project was so appealing within a white paper that users were willing to disregard poor language.

Benefits of Creation White Paper with Us

Taking on the challenge of writing a high-quality white paper is not a task many project teams are willing to undertake alone. The reasons are many – lack of expertise, time, or team members capable of conveying ideas in a proper and grammatically correct manner due to poor knowledge of the language or localization issues. This is where the need for professional white paper writing services comes in.

NFT Community is a professional crypto marketing agency that offers its clients a vast array of services for marketing and advertising, as well as content creation, including white paper writing. With dozens of use cases and client testimonials to prove its reputation, NFT Community employs some of the most experienced and highest quality writers in the business for creating crypto-related content. The affordable prices and client-oriented approach of the company are exactly what crypto projects need when preparing for the stage of white paper creation.


A white paper is the face of a crypto project. No project can hope to achieve success if it does not properly explain its essence to users and investors. NFT Community can help crypto projects create a polished, high quality white paper and present it to their target audiences.

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