Facebook Promotions

Facebook has 21.54 billion visitors monthly

you just grab all the crypto traffic from there while competitors waste their time, budget, and nerves to pass through moderation in it

– create banners
– optimize your landing page
– pass moderation
– launch ordinary and retargeting campaigns
– AB testing
– campaign optimization

Facebook is the largest social network in the world with 2.8 billion registered users and 1.8 billion daily active users. The website reaches 59% of all social media users through its ads and has a reach of over 98% of mobile users registered on the site. Such impressive statistics make Facebook a prime location for advertising anything from cryptocurrencies to businesses or services.

However, Facebook crypto ads have been banned on January 30 of 2018, with a subsequent loosening of the restrictions in May of 2019. Nonetheless, the ban is still largely in effect, restricting crypto projects from placing their ads on the largest social media resource and impeding them from reaching an immense audience of potential users.

Still, there are ways of placing Facebook crypto ads using methods that are accessible to experienced marketers who are familiar with the restrictions and the algorithms of the network that would allow crypto ads to be displayed in search results related to Facebook.

Can You Advertise Crypto/NFT On Facebook?

The short answer to the given question is yes and no. The reason is that Facebook has a concise list of allowed and prohibited products that can be directly advertised on the network. Facebook ads of cryptocurrencies are prohibited straight off since they are associated with high-risk financial products that cannot be advertised as per US law. And since Facebook is an American company, it has to abide by local regulations based on its legal residence status.

When it comes to what is allowed when it comes to advertising crypto on Facebook, the following is included in the greenlit list:

-Tax services for cryptocurrency companies, which involve Facebook crypto ads pertaining to consultations on how best to manage taxes related to crypto-assets;
 -Events, educational materials and news related to cryptocurrencies are part of crypto ads on Facebook that can be leveraged for providing positive highlighting of crypto projects and their services;
-Blockchain technology information is allowed and Facebook ads of cryptocurrencies can be integrated into the educational materials pertaining to the underlying technology.

There is also a list of topics that can be allowed for advertising on Facebook with the permission of the moderators and after consideration by the network’s managing team. Such topics that can be allowed and used for integrated crypto ads on Facebook include:

-Hardware and software for cryptocurrency mining;
-Cryptocurrency mining and trading platforms;
-Specific cryptocurrencies are presented in the proper light.

Facebook prohibits direct advertising of cryptocurrency and token sales, which are considered to be high risk and are prohibited in the majority of jurisdictions that have been exposed to cryptocurrency trading and token sale launches.

What Includes Facebook Promotion?

Using Facebook promotion services is a rather straightforward process, but it does involve some caveats and tricks that only experienced marketers can take full advantage of. The process of advertising a crypto project on Facebook must always start with a proper analysis of the tools available and the industry the project is engaged in, as well as the audiences that should be targeted.

Once the sectors of interest have been identified, the project can start creating their business Facebook page, which in itself is a powerful instrument that allows the project to receive coverage and viewership. Proper setup of the page allows the project to show its offering to specific demographics, groups, audiences, and in a variety of target sectors of the market.

The next important tool is classic ads inside columns that are displayed automatically by the network to relevant users based on their preferences and searches. These ads appear as images in the side columns of the page and in other blocks that are visible to users and attract their attention. The content of the ad must be well-written and matched to the user’s mentality. As such, having short, brisk statements is the key to attracting user attention.

Facebook contests can also be a potent instrument for attracting organic traffic. Facebook does not offer any instruments of its own for hosting contests, as such, projects must refer to third party apps to run their events. The links to these events can be embedded in the ads the project displays on the social network. This approach is especially productive if the ads are well-targeted and relevant to the target audience.

Success Case

  1. Facebook/Instagram ad campaign for Bored Ape Yatch, Yuga Labs

2. Facebook & Instagram ads for Tem-Coin

The task was to increase coin presale volumes before the ICO launch using Facebook & Instagram ads

Goal: Find ways to pass moderation on Facebook and Instagram

Challenge 1

Facebook and Instagram do not allow ads related to cryptocurrency. Otherwise, an ad account can get easily banned.

Challenge 2

Moderation bots are the ones that check banners and texts, then approve or restrict them. For a successful ad launch, it’s crucial to understand the specifics of the platform and know ways to bypass the bots. 


We created one main account and two backup ad accounts in case one of them gets banned.

The promotion strategy was developed, including:

  •  increasing brand awareness for the target audience;
  • growing loyal community on Instagram profile, Telegram group, and Facebook page for further warm-up;
  •  increasing web visitors number checking the Currency for further warm-up 

Remarketing – displaying ads to an audience already familiar with the brand who:

  • liked, saved, or reposted any post during the last 365 days;
  • watched more than 50% of any video on the page;
  • DMed on Instagram or Facebook Messenger;
  • visited the web or clicked an ad.

Flow map for Facebook & Instagram traffic

We installed Facebook Pixel on the site and set it up to track users and actions taken on the web. Later on, we’ll be able to show targeted ads to these people and create a Lookalike Audience (users with similar behavior to those visiting the customer’s website)

The ad was launched on the first try and passed moderation in 26 hours.

Currently, we’re warming up the account on a low daily budget. That will make it easier to pass moderation later and implement the promotion strategy.

Banner examples 👇


According to Facebook’s ad policy, cryptocurrency, weight loss products, politics, and many other ad types are not allowed on their platforms. HOWEVER, moderation bots are not 100% accurate while checking the content. Knowing gaps in ad policy guarantees profit from Facebook and Instagram ads 2-3 weeks after launching the ad. 

Our ad campaigns launched half a year ago for global crypto projects prove this fact bringing solid returns: