Exchange Listing

We have partnership conditions for listing on 4 exchanges:

1 – WhiteBit 

2 – DigiFinex 

3 – Hotbit

4 – ProBit

If you contact them via our team, you will get much better pricing and conditions than if you would contact them directly.

Listing is one of the main goals a project should be striving for. The reasons for such desires are obvious, since crypto exchanges are the gateways of the crypto market and are important platforms not only for providing liquidity, but also visibility and promotion, thus showcasing a project and elevating its status.

Considering that most exchanges are reputable and treasure their reputations, the process of crypto listing is a complex one that involves checks. Projects that do get some new crypto listings will be leveraging the given event as an important milestone and information anchor for delivering news and encouraging both existing and new community members to use the cryptocurrency.

Crypto listings are also important events for the exchanges themselves, as they mean the influx of new liquidity and new users. A new crypto listing means new traders and exchanges will be acting in favor of the listed project to make sure the token is both visible and promoted to attract interest and trading volumes.

Why Do You Need a Crypto Listing?

Cryptocurrency listings are essential for several reasons. First, listing will give the coin a chance to be traded and thus attain both demand and liquidity, which are vital for making sure usability and visibility are given to the project.

Second, new crypto listings on exchanges will be giving the project expansion into new markets and communities. Most exchanges are either global, or local, meaning that new users will be provided to the project and new opportunities for partnerships will be opened.

Partnerships in new markets are a specific point of note, since listing on a major exchange is an important indicator of viability. Many companies monitor exchanges in search of projects that get listed and use such listings as a litmus test to check whether such a project is worthy of being considered for investment.

More importantly, listings act as social proof, meaning that communities see proof of a project’s reputable nature. Major exchanges conduct thorough background checks of projects before listing them, since negative information from a scam is not one of the public relation events that such exchanges want surrounding them.

Benefits of Listing on Cryptocurrency Exchange

The benefits of listing on a crypto exchange are many and are largely focused on the provision of liquidity and the availability of a positive image.

Some major exchanges have billions of dollars in trading turnover and projects seeking to tap into such a pool of traders and potential investors will want to target such platforms. Though new coins are unlikely to get high trading volumes quickly, the efforts of the marketing and advertising teams of projects should be diverted at leveraging the announcement of trading and disseminating such information in all available channels.

More importantly, listing on a crypto exchange is an important social event for communities of projects who want to have access to major gateways for trading their assets.

What We Can Offer?

NFT Community can offer projects the opportunity of getting listed on some of the biggest exchanges on the market. By making use of its years of experience in the crypto industry, the agency taps into pools of established contacts and leverages the power of public relations to make sure projects receive positive traction and support. NFT Community has a vast number of testimonials and use cases proving its track record. And with over 30 services on offer at affordable prices, the agency is among the leaders of crypto market promotion.


A listing is an important event for any project that has to be utilized to expand the community and trading volumes. But only reputable agencies like NFT Community can allow projects to fully utilize the opportunities of crypto listing.